Brand Mania and Consumers


Oct, 2016

Brand Mania and Consumers

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We need branding of the products?? Is it really necessary..?? If this is your question then answer is absolutely “YES”.

What is a brand and how does it connect with the consumers? A brand is characterized by the impression or perception the consumers carry in their minds and it evokes certain feelings, emotions and thoughts. A brand resides in the individual consumer’s mind and hence has as many definitions as the number of consumers connecting with it.

What does it mean to the brands and their marketers in the consumer goods industry? For marketers this is an opportunity to increase the success rate of their brands. Due to the shorter communication cycles, it is possible for brands to reach maturity and the summit of success relatively faster – which means better and more efficient utilization of marketing funds, less money going into building the brand and potentially better value to the consumers through better prices, better services etc.

In the consumer goods industry in the past, interaction between brands and consumers was limited to the physical world and traditional media – a brand ‘connected’ with the consumers through the product or service itself, the logo, the packaging, advertisements, retail promotions, sales and service associates, call center team and so on. The communication back from consumers (feedback) was also dependent on these carriers and other activities like consumer research and surveys. It’s more spontaneous, more real time, and probably more honest.

Future looks good for the consumer goods brands and consumers alike, but it will be interesting to see how we will master some of the specific processes within brand management, which have changed in character as technology continues to play a major role in shaping them.

Nowadays there is solution available for brand publicity in the form of website and brand through web media. So organizations need not just worry about branding their websites. They will have to start ensuring that every piece of information they send out in the form of feeds or search results are also branded.

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