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WordPress Development is an open source blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL which can also be used for basic content management system. It has many features including a user-friendly workflow, a rich plugin architecture, web standard, usability.

WordPress is not just blogging software anymore. It is a latest and greatest web content publishing platform with a clear focus on W3 standards, user experience and rich looking. It’s been a leading choice of CMS for SEO companies, marketing and content publishing companies.

Niks Web Media is a WordPress website development company which offers its 8 years worth of experience for the benefit of your wordpress blog designing, wordpress CMS customization, WordPress Customization, WordPress CMS website development, content editing and publishing initiatives.

As WordPressdevelopment company we have used WordPress extensively, starting from a small blogging website to a larger websites with thousands of web pages. Our WordPress developers have developed numerous custom add-ons by taking advantage of its extensible nature.

With time, wordpress development has turned to be the most significant tool thereby making your company websites more attractive and unique.

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