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10 Golden rules of content writing

If we say that even writing is a form of art, it won’t be wrong. In order to be a perfect writer, one needs to get proper training, even if he or she is naturally gifted. For writers, as you might have the spark of writing but without proper training, you cannot write perfect articles.
Nobody is perfect and even as a writer, I would be making a lot of mistakes and at times it gets difficult to understand the reason behind why your articles are not being liked as they are perfect according to you.

So, if you want to take writing as a profession, you need to learn a few techniques and avoid a few bad writing habits.

Here are the 10 golden rules of content writing that every content writer must follow…

  1. Content Matters
    It’s important to remember that no matter what your subject is, your content has the potential to reach a large audience. Creating a copy that is well-written and focuses on interesting topics in your industry will help it go beyond increasing your popularity, by being linked to and shared by outsiders.
  2. Don’t go for an Old Writing Style
    Your writing style is the most important thing in making you a successful writer. Obviously, everyone has a different writing style, but you need to make sure that you write according to the latest writing styles, but you must have thought that how to do that?
    The answer is simple, As a writer, you should always read other writers in order to improve your own writing style.
  3. Write compelling headings
    The titles of web pages and articles are among the first things that grab the attention of a reader. Don’t use a generic, boring headline Instead, think like a newspaper headline writer and develop a headline that makes someone want to read more.
  4. Don’t Write Lengthy Paragraphs
    A web reader will mostly scan through your article and would see if it interests him or not. Internet readers are mostly looking for short but well-informed paragraphs. So, you need to keep the paragraphs short and simple for the readers to understand.
  5. Don’t use too complicated Language
    Always put yourself in readers’ shoes while you are writing. You might have the best vocabulary in this world but not everyone does. You need to write in a simple and easy language so that everyone can understand it. The complex language would make you look a very good writer but what’s the point if no one will understand it and you will have fewer readers.
  6. Don’t take Grammar for Granted
    avoid any sort of grammatical mistakes because this is one thing that will completely ruin your article even if it contains the best of information on the topic. Spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes should be a big NO for you in the article. There are many common grammatical mistakes that almost every writer makes.
    If you think you might have grammatical issues, you can simply check things online and improve your grammar.
  7. Stay on topic
    There’s nothing wrong with adding some personality to your writing – this helps to keep the readers intrigued. Just make sure that you stay focused on the business-oriented topic you are writing about and avoid drifting into unrelated tangents.
  8. Don’t Create Puzzles
    Some writers are in the habit of dramatic narration of things. It sounds appealing but only if it is in a novel. For normal articles, you need to keep the writing style simple and acceptable for the users.
  9. Don’t Try to Copy Others
    If you are working for someone, obviously your employer would tell you to write in a specific style. However, as a writer, I know that every writer is comfortable if he is given the space to write in his own writing style.
  10. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Feedback
    Last but not the least, pay attention to the feedback you get from your readers. The comment box given on your website is important and people are commenting on it, you need to address their feedback and tell them that you are open to other’s opinions about your work.

Writing means to communicate with words and communication has a certain etiquette. If you have the flair of writing in you, improving your writing skills is never a hard thing.

Writing is not everyone’s cup of tea but after knowing above golden rules you can also try some hands on it.

Happy Writing !!


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