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Effect of Name on the Business

Name is really important?       More Than You Think!

The power of choosing the right name for a product, website, blog or any internet venture cannot be undetermined. Choosing the right name is essential to creating a successful online presence. Name is the first thing that strikes viewers or customer’s minds than any other way to reach them.

Consider the following factors, when you make decisions for your Internet presence.

  • Don’t complicate
    A name that is short and simple is always more effective than one that is lengthy or complex. People should be able to remember the name easily, and then not only will they log back in easily on to your site, but also refer it to their friends. A name that has to be written or memorized with effort is a name that will always stand in the way of you and success.
  • Use the right keywords
    If your name has words that link to your business model or is rich in keywords, it will automatically get you a preferential treatment by Google or other search engines. Google sees links that use your domain name and land you higher ranks in search results. So it is very important that you should have a name which specifies your business or your work area.
  • Relevant to your brand
    Choosing a name that is relevant to your business model is critical to letting people identify you in the World Wide Web, cluttered with competition. The name should be such that it immediately relates to your business and your brand.  Try and be as precise as you can. If your business is to sell pizza online, your customer would be more attracted to, rather than
  • Easy to remember
    Always took names which is easy to remember and easy to pronounce. If the name is not easy to pronounce then the customer will not take an effort to share it with others.

These are some important tips that are intuitive, yet sometimes ignored. Do consider them in your next venture!


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