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Ethical and Unethical Hacking

There is always be a debate on whether it is ethical to have access to the information to which we are not authorized user?

The answer might be yes or no, depends on the situation and the requirements. If you are doing hacking which will cause something wrong or which causes loss to someone then it is surely an unethical thing but if it is just for sake of knowledge then it is fine.

I have listed down some of the types of hacking so that my readers will know and they will keep on taking care while using the internet.

Types of Hacking:

  1. Daniel of service
    It gives access to others to bring down the system and avoid access to authorized users.
  2. Distributed DOS
    It is same as denial of services but it takes action on multiple terminals and which most difficult to handle or control as compared to Daniel of services.
  3. Sniffing
    Sniffing refers to the act of intercepting TCP packets. Which causes loss of data as all the data are carried by TCP packets.
  4. Spoofing
    It means sending unwanted and illegal packets over the network.
  5. SQL Injection
    It is the technique to inject the unauthorized code to the database layer so that data present in the database will be corrupt and lost.
  6. Worms
    Worms are self-replicating programs or code fragments that attach themselves to other programs.
  7. Key loggers
    It is the technique to track the data while somebody typing or entering any data, that data will be emailed to the hacker.
  8. Phishing
    It is the technique to take the user to the page that is made by you and force them to enter their password or personal data.
  9. Cookie Stealer
    Normally most of the sites or system stores the cookies for the visiting user, but it is the easiest way to the hacker to track your data normally it is used for tracking the login details such as a password.


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